About us

This Web Site for the Society of Academic Anesthesiology Chairs (SAAC) and the Association of Anesthesiology Program Directors (AAPD) is maintained as a service to the Societies’ members and as a resource for people interested in anesthesiology’s academic departments, residency training programs, and possible employment in these departments.

Purpose: The web site records the Mission of the Societies, and describes the History of their formation and organization.

Officers: The Web Site lists the current Officers ( Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer, Council members, CAS representatives) for both AAPD and SAAC The entry for each current officer provides a link to the individual department.

Members: Separate pages provide lists of Members ranked both Alphabetically as well as in Order by State The entries on these pages provide links to each individual department. In addition all the departmental data is provided in one Composite List

Business: The web site also records the Bylaws for SAAC and for AAPD lists the Meetings provides Reports and Minutes from recent meetings, lists Employment Opportunities and provides a compilation of Resources, Guides, and Statistics useful to members.

Password: The list server, which enables E-Mail to be sent simultaneously to all members is only accessible by password. Members may obtain the current password by calling or writing to the Director of Administrative Affairs:

Ronald A Bruns
520 N. Northwest Highway
Park Ridge, IL 66068-2573
Tel: (847) 825-5586
Fax: (847) 825-1692
E-Mail: r.bruns@asahq.org

Maintenance: The site is maintained and updated by the Director of Administrative Affairs with the support of Anita Abbatacola in the offices of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.


Design/Dedication: This website is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Bernard and Clare Grogono. Some of it was written, and most of it was revised, while sitting beside them during their last illnesses. Tributes to their Memory may be found at www.grogono.com. I wish to thank SAAC/AAPD for encouraging me to create this site and for the opportunity to dedicate it to two wonderful people.