Deputy Prime Ministers congratulate Vietnam Physician Day

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Doctor’s Day on February 27, Politburo Member, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh attended the ceremony and congratulated the physicians of Hanoi Central Dentistry Hospital. On the same day, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam also visited and congratulated the Vietnam Medical Association, the Vietnam Red Cross.

Many doctors are awarded noble titles

Attending the ceremony were Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Tran Anh Tuan and a large number of physicians from the Central Dental Hospital of Hanoi. According to Prof. Dr. Trinh Dinh Hai, Director of the hospital, in the past years, the hospital always strives to achieve many achievements in care and health care for the people. The hospital has developed a number of advanced techniques, including many advanced techniques in the region such as bone grafting and partial facial traction from the lumbar arch to restore circulation. face disability for nearly 500 patients in the past 10 years; The technique of dental implant surgery with low-pressure anesthesia, dental implants, endodontic treatment, advanced treatment, help patients not to go abroad for medical treatment.

In addition to treating more than 100,000 patients a year, the hospital also provides free surgery for tens of thousands of cleft palate children, cleft lip and poor patients with complicated conditions; effectively implement the school dental program and prevent cavities in the community with fluoride salt. The physicians of the Hospital also regularly visit the local to advise and support the network teeth jaw line, help people easy access to the services of conventional dental treatment … On this occasion, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has presented the second and third class Labor Medal to the director of the Hanoi Central Dentistry Hospital Trinh Dinh Hai and the former Deputy Director of Vu Dinh Minh Hospital; 9 physicians of the Hospital have been awarded the title Elite Physician; 2 physicians were awarded certificates of merit by the Prime Minister.

The role of the Vietnam Medical Association is increasingly clear

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam visited and worked with Vietnam General Medical Association, Vietnam Red Cross. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam sent congratulations to all staff, medical workers, doctors on the day of Vietnamese doctors (27/2). Deputy PM said that the Vietnam Medical Association has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and authorities at all levels to perform well the care and protection of the people’s health. criticism, policy development; Promote international cooperation. “The role of the General Assembly and its members is increasingly important and the coordination with state management agencies is increasingly clear. This is the general trend of the world. Recently, the General Assembly participated in assessing the quality and ranking of hospitals but proceeding to the General Assembly to preside over this task, “Deputy Prime Minister said.

President of the Vietnam General Medical Association Nguyen Thi Xuyen said: “Vietnam General Medical Association is a professional association with 48 professional associations and 54 associations of provinces and cities. Since its inception, the General Assembly has brought together nearly 200,000 members; Among them are specialists, professors, leading doctors and specialists. In 2017, the General Association has cooperated with specialized organizations and information and communication agencies to organize training, seminars and propaganda to improve the knowledge of health workers and people’s understanding of protection. , caring people’s health in the community. Vietnam Medical Association has actively participated in counseling, criticism and social assessment; Setting up supervising delegations to observe law at health facilities; Setting up a council to evaluate the use of the Health Insurance Fund. The General Assembly has set up seven teams to evaluate and announce the quality of hospitals (including quality assurance) according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health; To coordinate with the Ministry of Health in organizing training courses for physicians and nurses in provinces and cities in charge of medicine and medicine, handling medical problems.

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam expressed his wish for the members of the General Assembly to contribute their ideas and recommendations on mechanisms and policies to implement the mechanism of autonomy, firstly at large hospitals, conditions and organizational apparatus. good, good profession; Developing hospital chains to address the problem of lack of nurses to care for patients leads to high cross-infection rates, costly patient families, disruptive hospital order … In the coming time, the General Assembly It should continue to develop its membership, which in fact represents the people working in the health sector; improve the quality of medical research journals, participate more in the training of health workforce in the direction of innovation as developed countries; To coordinate with concerned agencies in disseminating knowledge on disease prevention and treatment for the people; To further enhance international cooperation on the basis of making full use of the academic prestige and expertise of its members.

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