Dr. Eastwood’s E-Mail (Aug 12, 1999)

Dear Alan:
John Steinhaus and I finally got together by phone and shared memories regarding the start of SAAC as best we could. There are some points which neither of us are certain about, and they are, very likely, of little importance to you.
My interest in developing an organization in which all Chairmen of academic departments could share information began when I was on the AUA Council. At that time I was also the representative from the AUA to the Council of Medical Specialty Societies of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Since the AUA membership did not include a number of academic department chairmen I felt that an organization in which all would be represented should be developed.
At the first meeting of the Southeastern Anesthesia Department Chairmen which was held in Atlanta and in subsequent meetings it became obvious that there was a need for open discussion of subjects of common interest like resident and staff recruitment, department status, salaries and medical student and resident teaching. These subjects were available only in hallway discussion at AUA meetings.
Discussion with others on the AUA Council including Moya, Steinhaus, Papper, indicated an interest so I reserved a room in the hotel on the Friday preceding an AUA meeting in New York City. I do not remember the year for certain but it was 1964 or 1965. The exact date could be obtained from the ASA or AUA files. All academic anesthesia chairmen we could identify were invited. An organizing group was established and SAAC was incorporated in Charlottesville. A lawyer friend on the faculty of UVa, Joseph Gibson, did the paper work and expenses for the meeting and the registration came from our department funds.
The list of officers as you have indicated on your web site seems correct to me. I resigned from SAAC when I left UVa to go to the Library of Medicine and the home office moved from Charlottesville to the ASA office subsequently.
I am going to send this e-mail now though it may be that you would like to ask specific questions. I am not certain that I can be specific because I have no files and a memory which is occasionally oblique.

Doug Eastwood

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