Nghe An will build the Vinh University Hospital

Nghe An will build the Vinh University Hospital. This is information provided by the Rector of the Vinh University of Medicine. At the meeting with the delegation of the delegation of the provincial delegation about the implementation of policies and law on the management and use of foreign loans. period 2010-2016 in the province on 13/3.

In the period 2010-2016, the Vinh University of Music is entitled to two projects funded by foreign loans: the North Central Health Support Project and the Health Human Resources Development Program, ODA is 6,518,433 USD.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Canh Phu – Headmaster of Vinh University of Information Technology affirmed: The results of the projects bring practical benefits, contributing to support and strengthening the capacity of Vinh University to staff and equipment to meet. Apply for university training and improve the quality of medical examination and treatment of Vinh University of Medicine.

The project also equips staffs, faculty members with the way of thinking, working methods, management of foreign experts.

Rector of Vinh University added: The provincial People’s Committee has agreed to build a Vinh University Clinic into a hospital.

Accordingly, the hospital is built on campus, suitable for a 200 – 250 – bed hospital with enough functional areas as prescribed by the Ministry of Health; To ensure the sterile conditions, environmental sanitation conditions and technical and professional deployment according to the provisions of law.

Hospitals are non-business units with revenues, independent accounting and self-financing for their regular activities.

“The school is looking forward to building the Vinh University Hospital soon,” Vinh Nguyen deputy director of Vinh Hiep University said. “In the long run, the university wishes to have a policy mechanism for the faculty members. The continue to invest in facilities, expand the campus (early implementation of campus 2), ensure the criteria of the University of Medicine.

On behalf of the mission, Deputy Head of the delegation, Nguyen Thanh Hien acknowledged the results of Vinh University have been achieved in the process of improving the quality of training. The process of implementing the project from ODA loans is well managed by the unit.

The deputy head of the provincial delegation asked the school to continue implementing the remaining contents of the project; Draw experience in organizing activities, concerned archives management of project-related records …

According to the deputy head of the delegation, the most important thing is that after the project is completed, the school must develop a mechanism to manage the use and maintenance of the equipment to be invested effectively.

Since then, the projects have made practical contributions to the roadmap for expanding the training scale and improving the quality of human resources training for the health sector. upgraded the clinic into Vinh University Hospital; It helps solve the overload problem in hospitals and proceeds to implement the autonomy route in universities under the policy of the Government.

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